The Love Calendar for Couples

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Advent calendar any month of the year? Why not?

Are you looking to spice up your sex life? Do you wish your relationship was more romantic? Or perhaps you simply need some inspiration for fun activities to enjoy with your partner? Then the Love Calendar for Couples is exactly what you need.

Just like an advent calendar, this calendar contains numbered windows to open on the day that corresponds to the number. However, unlike an advent calendar, this calendar contains 31 windows, and you can start at any day you want and use it at any time of the year. And best of all, instead of getting a piece of chocolate when you open a window you get to select between three different activities to enjoy with your partner.

The activities can be either sexy, fun, or romantic, and in order to fit your schedule there is always a choice between doing something quick and easy and something a bit more advanced. Also, all activities can be completed by all couples regardless of gender and sexual preference.

You take turns opening windows daily until you have opened them all - and hopefully, enjoyed a very sexy, fun, and romantic month.